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My Fellow Miss Trinity Amigos

My Fellow Miss Trinity Amigos

Pidgeon Cay-In the Middle of Not Where We Should Have Been

Pidgeon Cay-In the Middle of Not Where We Should Have Been

RastaBoy aka Mister Blue Sky at Graham’s Place-next to the Miss Trinity



For those that want to know the details of the trip you are going to love this one…..here goes:

I was graciously invited to go literally the evening before our departure, by Mitch, who owns the diving operation at Alton’s Dive Center. This trip had been planned for awhile in conjunction with his brother Burney (visiting from Germany along with a close diving friend Rafael). Heiner who is also German was invited to go as well. The plan was to go straight to Guanaja island and spend three nights there at different hotels/resorts, fishing and diving during the day. Well the next morning Mitch had to stay on Utila but insisted we carry on with the trip so we left as scheduled with Joe his local dive boat captain. We wound up doing a 110ft deep dive on a 300 ft ship wreck off of Roatan, which is the island in between Utila and Guanaja (65 mile trip from Utila-Guanaja). So we did not make it to Guanaja that evening but rather wound up anchored off a tiny little island 12 miles from Guanaja called Pidgeon Cay…………which offered no real protection in a 15-20 knot wind. Mind you we are on one of Alton’s dive boats, the Miss Trinity, no facilities-head-bunks etc…..anchored in 10 feet of water….2-4 swell……..Joe and I knew we had to maintain a close anchor watch because of the conditions and the fact there was shallow reef all around us……….I spent a good part of the night wedged in between two 55 gallon fuel drums and the port side dive tank bench laying on the nonskid fiberglass deck to prevent being tossed around all night…I had enough space to lay on my side but not on my back…needless to say it was a worthless night. So we basically had cruised all day to reach this tiny little island to be miserable for the next 10 hours………

The next morning we headed across to Guanaja in a very nasty head sea which subsided once we got within the lee of its mountains…..we trolled for a couple of hours and lost a giant wahoo. We then cruised along the coast line of Guanaja and navigated our way through the reef to a small fishing settlement  called Mangrove Bight….very pretty place with very friendly people. We were able to get a mid morning breakfast that was really good…black beans-thick pork-flour tortillas and scrambled eggs. Then we bought a local gent a can of gas for his skiff and he guided us inside the reef line down to Bo’s Bush Island House…….Bo was not around however we hooked up with the owner of Guanaja Island Club located a 200 yards down the beach and stayed there that night. After securing the lodging we did a dive out front…literally because there is a reef break there that has 80 feet of water that comes in toward the beach within about 300 yards. We had a nice dinner and breakfast at the bar-restaraunt….after breakfast the next morning we headed to the far end of Guanaja to make another dive however it was rough seas and we did not locate the dive site that had been recommended. So we kept going and came around to the other side of Guanaja where the cay islands and main town are all located. We stopped at Graham’s Place for a long lunch and then cruised through the tropical highway between the small cays and the main island of Guanaja….somewhat like the Abaco Highway in and around Elbow Cay but these cays are much smaller.

I have links to Graham’s Place-Bo’s Bush Island House and Guanaja Island Club under the “Blog Roll”…..I recommend a quick view of each.

Instead of spending the night at a hotel/resort we for some reason wound up heading to Southeast Cay, which is off by itself-another 2 miles away from everything–deserted…….meaning we spent the third and final night on the Miss Trinity again. At least it was calm……..all we had left to eat was basically some bread fruit which we cut up and fried…very good by the way…better then french fries….but alas we caught on a hand line a 15lb Permit while we were still cooking up the bread fruit so we wound up having very fresh fish under a cloudless-moonless night—-under a billion billion Carl Sagan stars…..Prior to settling in at the anchorage, we did a shallow dive around the island. So once again my bed consisted of a fiberglass non-skid deck.

The next morning we ate cookies and crackers for breakfast as we did another hour troll off of Guanaja…we had a total of 2 rods….an old Shimano reel and a new 6 ought reel……….we then headed back towards Roatan…passing by beautiful Pidgeon Cay…our first night’s hell hole and then down the opposite side of Roatan (from that of when we came over the first day). The weather was great and I was able to see the entire length of Roatan……high end houses and resorts scattered along the way…….we did a final dive…wall dive at the very tip of Roatan closest to Utila…literally 100 yards off a high-end resort…it was a beautiful dive…saw lots of grouper and mutton snapper plus quite a few lobster….unfortunately instead of coming up when the coral wall ended we for some unknown reason (I was not in charge) spent the next 15-20 minutes hovering into la la land so when we did surface we were a quarter mile offshore…caught in a swift offshore current heading to Utila…..so if you read my previous blog you know what happened…..we wound up about 3/4 of a mile offshore after drifting for another 45 minutes instead of 100 yards off shore where the wall is situated…. I finally took charge (of at least me)–dumped my scuba gear and swam a 1/2 mile back toward the tip of Roatan in over 1000ft of water, against the current, knowing that eventually Captain Joe would start searching offshore after exhausting efforts looking for us along the wall that was only 100-200 yards off the bank. When I thought that Joe was now looking offshore I started doing very exaggerated high swimming strokes and kicking my red fins out of the water which is exactly what caught his attention…..he ran out to me and we then headed off in the direction of where my three German buddies were drifting……so everyone was safe and sound……we then headed back the final 18 miles to Utilla with an hour interruption of bad fuel clogging up the fuel system and re-priming the fuel lines…we were back on Utila by 3:30…….

Now back at my apartment at Lazy Daze after squaring away the Miss Trinity…I met the newest Lazy Daze guests…..Adam-Nils-Landon-Stacey and Justine of Edmonton Canada (great people by the way)…somehow they talked me into going out on Utila Town with them and we got back in about 3:30 AM….it was a good way to get rid of a lot of built up stress but obviously another night without much sleep.

The good……I did get to see the entire coastline(s) of Roatan and Guanaja plus enjoyed 4 dives (while submerged)….the bad….read above coupled with the fact that we spent a grand total of 2 hours at Mangrove Bight and 2 hours at Graham’s place and a late afternoon-night at Guanaja Island Club on a 4 day-3 night adventure to Guanaja….so we stopped at a grand total of 3 places on Guananja and spent less than 7 daylight hours on land there……not sure where the 4 days went……….

To say the least it was an adventure and it was a misadventure…First time since I was a kid that I was on an island hopping boat cruise when I was not the one in charge-captain……..so for 4 days/3 nights I was with a Honduran captain and 3 German men on a dive boat……….I still would have gone even if I knew we would spend 2 of 3 nights at anchor on the Miss Trinity, but I would have been better prepared and brushed up on German-not…...we survived one another because they all loved my music mixes and the Miss Trinity has big speakers!…… 

I do want to thank captain Joe and also state that I had a very good time getting to know my German dive buddies and boat mates and to say a sincere thank you to each one of you for an adventure not to be forgotten and I apologize for the name misspellings ….plus a big thank you to Mitch for inviting me…I know we would have been sleeping in beds if you would have made the trip….happy tropical trails to all the crew of the Miss Trinity. By the way I have posted various pictures of this trip on the “Guanaja” Page of this blog and more are in route.

Till Next Tide,

Mister Blue Sky

Happy Valentine’s Day Carrie!

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 Dockdekkers Flocking Off At Alton's Dive Center

Dockdekkers Flocking Off At Alton’s Dive Center-click on image to enlarge

Nine Hondurans Gawkers Cruising by Two Roosting Canadian Flockers Sittin' On D' Dock On D' Bay

Nine Hondurans Gawkers Cruising by Two Roosting Canadian Flockers Sittin’ On D’ Dock On D’ Bay

Guanaja Turtle Flips HolaGuanaja Turtle Flips Hola


After dieseling down the tropical highway with cutlass and canons away…we seized the island of Guanaja aboard the Pirate Ship “Miss Trinity” …….On our return Mister Blue Sky was released by Captain Wahoo Joe Jackson and his 3 German crew as reward for his daring rescue of the crew from certain death after we surfaced from a deep dive off the island of Roataan….lets just say that we surfaced over a quarter mile offshore of the 100 ft wall dive from where we were supposed to be……. with the current pushing us further out to sea in 1000 foot of water…..drifting further and further and further away for over 45 minutes…(you get the picture)….Mister Blue Sky ditched his scuba gear…….leaving his 3 diving buddies huddled on the surface singing “rum by ya ya”…..swimming a 1/2 mile back towards Roataan Island…..when El Capitan finally spotted yours truly stroking over the cobalt blue horizon of the Tropicville Road…….(from the opposite direction of where we should have been)…..TRUE STORY I KID YOU NOT…….fortunately swimming 4-5 miles a week in snorkeling gear for the last 3 months paid life saving dividends…..

No sooner upon our return to Utila I was granted my release by the piratical people of the Miss Trinity …..as fait would have it….I was then captured by 5 young Canadian pirate wannabees Justine—Stacey—Nils—Landon—Adam…..they had flocked south to reap themselves to the treasures of the Utilian tropical highway….somehow only armed with an Edmonton hockey stick they were able to seize the dock house at Lazy Daze……which was carelessly left unguarded in my absence…. They ruthlessly forced me to participate in something that sounds like……….“beers bee”…..its a beer swaggering form of torture much like beer ponging………that entails trying to knock off the opposing team’s beer can from the top of a pvc pole by means of a Canadian saucer drone which they call a “frisbee ey”……..Once I proved my merit we sailed upon the yellow panga down the Tropicville Road and boisterously entered the Water Cay 2013 Beersbeee Championship and of course…….Mister Blue Sky’s team hoof-kicked ass away the competition….resulting in a Utila Town celebration at the harbor front bar-Tranquila Bay for its 9th anniversary parteeey……all those years of throwing frisbees to Golden Retrievers came back to life……..muscle memory I guess…..of course Mister Blue Sky’s pre-toss dance ritual had the opponents completely befuddled-whimpering and crying out “no moray” …..they were thus unable to protect their ….GOOOOOAL…

Back to Guanaja….wow….the most beautiful tropical island I have ever seen…..tropical cay islands….beaches…..mountains….waterfalls…quaint fishing villages…..Turtles…Permit…Tarpon…and the biggest Moray Eel to ever slither down the tropical highway…….at least 8 ft long with a head the size of a baby cosmic whale shark….and teeth the size of a huge blonde goat…….it was hanging out under the dock at Bo’s on Michael’s Beach……..also while fishing we lost a monster wahoo…..that if caught may have given Mister Blue Sky 3 Hoo’s of over 100 lb’s in his life time……….(I still intend on heading to Guanaja when I finally leave Utila….whenever the Canadian beersbee team finishes their winter training on Utila)…………

By the way………Mister Blue Sky finally has taken hundreds of tourist pictures….not pics of tourists….just pics that a tourist would take…….plus videos…..some of which will soon be posted……..others burned to protect the non-innocent…..

I would have blogged earlier but the coconut telegraph ran low on coconut juice……so I am back at my earlier blogging booth with the 3 whale sharks smiling at me from across the street…….

Ok I need to wrap up this blog……hope you will enjoy the upcoming photos….I swear on a pirate’s rum bottle there will be a plethora of touristo pics soon coming……

May the cosmic whale shark (that no one has seen around here since before Captain Morgan became liquidic) always smile upon you and may Orion’s Belt guide you down the Tropicville Road……which reminds me….I have finally seen the SOUTHERN CROSS while anchored out on the Miss Trinity….under the billions and billions and billions of Carl Sagan stars………

Till Next Tide,

Mister Blue Sky      (still waiting to get in his hammock and wax philosophic)

ps Carrie you are the one and only and the best!!!!!


OH MY…….Mister Blue Sky has been captured by pirates…….forced to either walk the plank from the second forecastle on the dock of Alton’s Dive Center or join the pirate crew of the Miss Trinity….. soooooo…….Mister Blue Sky joined the ruthless pirates…….(or are they toothless pirates)……..pirates of the (western) caribbean……..with cutlass (fishing rod) in hand, canons (scuba tanks) on deck and barrels of rhum (rum) lashed to the masts this ragged band of tropical hobo’s….are raising anchor this very morn…….OFF TO SEIZE THE WIZARD OF GUANAJA……….a 4-5 day tropical mystery tour…(or earlier if the rum runs out)……and then with canon ablaze we shall round the reef into the harbor of Utila….row ashore to slog some grog at the infamous Alton’s Pub…..where one-eyed (3 hoof) Master Blue Sky will tell tale (and lie) about the misadventures of the Miss Trinity’s crew……………stay tuned…….FOLLOW THE TROPICVILLE ROAD….for were’ ………OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD OF GUANAJA

Till next Tide Mateys,

Mister Blue Sky



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Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway--Mister Blue Sky

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Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway--Mister Blue Sky