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According to Alton’s Dive Center instructor Phil Smith, if you find yourself talking to a giant moray eel while hovering next to you is your twin ….. you are actually experiencing nitrogen narcosis and you should then__________?
A. ascend and drink 4 Salva Vida’s
B. ascend and eat 2 lobster avocado Baleadas
C. ascend and eat 3 La Cueva Happy Cookies
D. all of the above

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Well its official … the HAMMOCK is being coiled up to roll down the Tropical Highway …. Mister Blue Sky is finally leaving Utila and the Bay Islands of Honduras …… next, briefly in San Jose Costa Rica …… then Bocas del Toro Panama after 27 hours of travel ……… leaving this Saturday with the out-going tide catching the current to Bocas Town.Riding The Current To Bocas del Toro

That will make 6 weeks based on Utila ….. took 3 scuba diving courses and did a total of 35 dives  ….. took a 4 day diving boat trip to Guanaja … a day trip to West End Roatan …… plus a dive trip out to the Roatan Bank sea mounts which are not near Roatan ….. made 5 ship wreck dives all in 100ft plus depths, biggest wreck was over 300ft long ….. dove on 4 separate sea mounts ….. went to Water Cay 5 times …. spent a day handline fishing for Wahoo in a 32ft Dory (with diesel engine) that was literally carved out of a mahogany tree back in the day ….spent another day fishing for Tarpon and Snook in one of the lagoons ….. competed in 2 Beersbie Championships, one on WaterCay the other at Trudy’s by the Sea….. I also spent many hours swimming harbor laps or snorkeling along the coast …. last but not the least are the harbor booze cruises on Alton’s boat ……..
I did not cook one meal unless you count peanut butter and jelly toasted sandwiches ……… You can eat out for under $7 a day, 2-3 meals …….. an expensive meal on Utila is $10-$12 max ….. you would pay $25-$40 for the same meal back home …… quality steaks, pork or fresh fish ….. tuna-wahoo-snapper-mahi- kingfish-amberkack-barracuda and sometimes marlin is on the menu …… that would be a marlin caught out of a Dory on a handline ……. I learned that at RJ’s which is a barbecue place 30 seconds from where I stayed at Lazy Daze and only open 3 days a week ….. they give you a lot more food if you get take out ….. so I took out more than I ate in at the restaurant …. RJ’s is one of the best places to eat on Utila especially the fresh fish but its all good …… My other favorite place to dine is El Picante …. located on the waterfront on a second story covered terrace…Jean the owner/host/manager creates a great environment and has excellent mexican style food …… even better margaritas …… I also ate a lot of baleadas at either Kings or Donna Rosa’s……. stuffed tortillas with various goodies …… cost $30 -$50 Lemps which is like $1.50-$2.50 US ….. they spill over a full size plate …. meaning they are rather large …. the avocado-lobster is my favorite …… I had many an egg sandwich or omelet at the Snack Shack at Alton’s which is about 30 seconds away as well … Anna makes a great egg sandwich  …..
Well what has Mister Blue Sky been up to for the last week    D I V I N G and D R I N K I N G and _________ I actually went to West End Roatan last Monday on the Miss Trinity, thank you Julie and Mitch for the invite, along with Marlo-Clint-Ralph-Jo-Steve …. great times …… collectively we have Germans, Brits, Canadians and a token American ….after having lunch in West End and picking up one additional Canadian shipmate, Heather who flew in that morning, we dove a ship wreck sitting in about 100ft of water with a reef wall about 30 yards away …….I fed chum scraps to all kinds of snappers, blue runners and a dozen plus Black Grouper weighing 15 lb-45 lb’s  ….. I had to constantly gently push these groupers off of me as they preferred to cover me up and try to get to my chum pale …. plus we had a huge Moray Eel wrap around Marlo’s legs looking for a handout ……. then back on board we had a big sailfish put on a jumping show just off of the boat ….. I have also made 5 other dives during the last week with 2 more set for tomorrow morning …… I have to give a huge shout out to Alton’s Dive Center’s instructors and dive masters …..they invited me to their night dive (staff only)
on the Haliburton Wreck which also sits in about 100ft of water …… incredible experience …. it was also a lot of fun to see all of them have so much fun …..
Mister Blue Sky still needs to down a few shots at a couple of the bars here to earn their T-shirt before he leaves the island. I definitely want a Rehab shirt (or two) …Trust me I spent at least 10 hours of internet time trying to figure out the best way to get from Utila to Bocas del Toro Panama, Little Corn island Nicaragua, as well as try too stay a few days at West End Roatan (no luck everything booked) ….. I have to take 4 planes and stay one night in Costa Rica to get to Bocas del Toro …..all good though assuming it works ……
Hey all …. I hope you are enjoying The Hammock Philosopher’s blog …… I have met a lot of great people here on Utila and most of them have moved on to other parts of the world ….. I expect to meet a lot more in the coming weeks …. feel free to leave any comments or hook up on Facebook …….. lets follow the Tropicville Road and hopefully we will meet at some future intersection on this Tropical Highway ……… MAY THE SMILE OF THE COSMIC WHALE SHARK ALWAYS SHINE UPON YOU
Till Next Tide,
Mister Blue Sky

Sorry if you have not been to Utila this will not have any meaning, if you have then you will understand…….feel free to expand. I am sure you can do better! A free baleada for the best ballad……..lol



Help I can’t seem to get off the island!

Mermaids of Utila put a Lazy Daze spell on me.
Stumbled into a TukTuk, putted right into Rehab.
Bought my freedom with tasty wings El Picante.
Holy baleadas still owe a Kings-Dona Rosa’s tab.
Can escape island if find the treasure of Treetanic.
It sunk somewhere near exotic Tranquila Bay.
Took four shots on Skid Row but no drinking panic,
I won the shirt tattooed with the map of the day.
X marks the spot, its buried in La Cueva the bar,
Right under its tastey happy cookie jar.
Speaking of Munchies, tonight its RJ’s,
Wahoo soaked in aged Ron Flor de Caña.
Oh well I’ll be on the ferry for sure mañana…..
Ya that’s what I say every day……
cause its just another Utila Ground Hog Day.
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Tropical Dream Job—I mentioned this in my prior blog so here’s video proof…..I have cruised down to Water Cay a few times now. It is one of the small cays located about 5-6 miles west of the harbor at Utila ….. all with Capt Mac aboard his 25ft mellow yellow Panga … he can take up to 15-18 people at a per head fee …… once there he sets up his hammock under the shade of Australian Pines and spends the time chillin’ to music, sippn’ rum, tokin’ up…., readin’, writin’ (no arithmetic) just enjoyin’ each day …. waitin’ to return the flock back to their dock…….that’s a top ten tropical gig!

Till Next Tide,

Mister Blue Sky

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Stacey and Justine-I am honored to have spent time with you all and thank you for letting the boys come out and play with Mister Blue Sky

Stacey and Justine-I am honored to have spent time with you all and thank you for letting the boys come out and play with Mister Blue Sky

Nils--You ruled Utila Town--You are now a Utilian Legend...is that Eeemileeeo next to you? The Posing Roxbury Boys

Nils–You ruled Utila Town–You are now a Utilian Legend…is that Eeemileeeo next to you? The Posing Roxbury Boys

Adam and Landon-front side beers-bee action--sorry guys but the judge's jean shorts-jorts is  stealing the picture

Adam and Landon-front side beers-bee action–sorry guys but the judge’s jean shorts-jorts is stealing the picture

Adam and Landon beers-bee action at its finest

Adam and Landon beers-bee action at its finest

Mister Blue Sky Waxing Philosophic in a Beers-Bee Moment on the Tropicville Road

Mister Blue Sky Waxing Philosophic in a Beers-Bee Moment on the Tropicville Road

These pictures are dedicated to the “Edmonton Five” …… who left Utila this morning in route back to Edmonton Canada….I am glad I caught you at the airport this morning at 5:50 AM to say adios, so sorry I missed dinner last night …… I was captured by the Pirate Ship Miss Trinity (again) … forced by Capt. Mitch to booze cruise the harbor for hours in search of…….? I never did find out…..but let me say ‘dis bout dat’……it was a truely beautiful evening in the harbor of Utila one of those mesmerizing rare moments (with a tinge of sadness that Carrie was not with me)….saw Capt Margaret sailing the Drummer out of the harbor as well as other vessels coming and going….sailboats moored up and the lights of the bars and restaurants glimmering on the water their sounds being …. totally invaded and drowned out by the thumping speakers of the Miss Trinity … pirate terror strategy. This is one of the prime reasons Mister Blue Sky chose Alton’s Dive Center…..they like to use their boats for more than just diving, no other dive center on Utila does this or run out to other islands or distant dive sites.


Stacey, Justine, Landon, Adam and Nils I sincerely hope our paths will intersect again somewhere on the Tropical Highway……. may the cosmic smile of the tropical whale shark always great you upon your future travel…..Gracias for teaching Utila and Mister Blue Sky Beersbee! Stay in touch dudes ….ey

Waddup with Mister Blue Sky ….. well he’s stiiiillllllll on Utila….what else is new………. Its Carnival this week in Bocas del Toro Panama so its either wait here till next week or try and hop over to Guanaja island for a few days and then on to Bocas….where rumor has it that Mister Blue Sky’s Tropicville Road will intersect with his niece Laurel’s Central American trail in March…….

I was back out to Water Cay yesterday ….. snorkeled for about an hour along the reef and ran across about a 60-70lb Tarpon waiting to ambush some bait coming off the flats into the channel between Water Cay and the next Cay. Too bad I did not take my Gopro …. saw a plethora of Parrot fish and also saw several Spanish Mackeral.

I was yaking with an unnamed dive master on an unnamed dive center dock yesterday morning …. when I commented that he looked tired …. his reply …. “oh man all I do is dive and have sex, sex and dive everyday” …. Dive and Sex, The Life of a (young and not married) Dive Master on Utila

Hey muchas gracias to the over 1000 blog viewers that have tuned into the Hammock Philosopher’s blog over the last month. Mister Blue Sky’s phonetic creation of new words and new tropical quotations at times flows over the heads of the viewers and his own ….but hey that is what this blog is about … you never know what tropical liquidation, herbation, fruitation induced pronunciation will result in the next Mister Blue Skyism……

Tropical Dream Job…..already taken but holamoly…..I have cruised down to Water Cay a few times now…all with Capt Mac aboard his 25ft mellow yellow Panga … he can take up to about 15-18 people at a per fee head……then he sets up his hammock under the shade of Australian Pines and spends the time listening to music (lots of yours truly mixes), drinking rum, firing up…., reading writing and enjoying life …. waiting to return the flock back to the dive center dock(s)…….that’s a great tropical gig…….

Well its time to walk down the harbor road to get lunch …. a lobster baliada for $55 Lemps …. a huge flour tortilla filled with avocado, lobster and other fixings … that is about $2.70 US…… the dive masters and instructors virtually live off of these …. the regular no lobster is $40 Lemps.

Till Next Tide,

Mister Blue Sky

ps Carrie you are the best!

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FYI-I set up 3 new blog pages just for pictures and videos of Utila, Guanaja and a special one just for the Treetanic Bar and Jade Sea Horse for you art lovers. I have had many people contact me wanting pics so here you go….just click on the respective page at the top of the Blog.

Treetanic Bar-Utila

Treetanic Bar-Utila

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 Dockdekkers Flocking Off At Alton's Dive Center

Dockdekkers Flocking Off At Alton’s Dive Center-click on image to enlarge

Nine Hondurans Gawkers Cruising by Two Roosting Canadian Flockers Sittin' On D' Dock On D' Bay

Nine Hondurans Gawkers Cruising by Two Roosting Canadian Flockers Sittin’ On D’ Dock On D’ Bay

Guanaja Turtle Flips HolaGuanaja Turtle Flips Hola


After dieseling down the tropical highway with cutlass and canons away…we seized the island of Guanaja aboard the Pirate Ship “Miss Trinity” …….On our return Mister Blue Sky was released by Captain Wahoo Joe Jackson and his 3 German crew as reward for his daring rescue of the crew from certain death after we surfaced from a deep dive off the island of Roataan….lets just say that we surfaced over a quarter mile offshore of the 100 ft wall dive from where we were supposed to be……. with the current pushing us further out to sea in 1000 foot of water…..drifting further and further and further away for over 45 minutes…(you get the picture)….Mister Blue Sky ditched his scuba gear…….leaving his 3 diving buddies huddled on the surface singing “rum by ya ya”…..swimming a 1/2 mile back towards Roataan Island…..when El Capitan finally spotted yours truly stroking over the cobalt blue horizon of the Tropicville Road…….(from the opposite direction of where we should have been)…..TRUE STORY I KID YOU NOT…….fortunately swimming 4-5 miles a week in snorkeling gear for the last 3 months paid life saving dividends…..

No sooner upon our return to Utila I was granted my release by the piratical people of the Miss Trinity …..as fait would have it….I was then captured by 5 young Canadian pirate wannabees Justine—Stacey—Nils—Landon—Adam…..they had flocked south to reap themselves to the treasures of the Utilian tropical highway….somehow only armed with an Edmonton hockey stick they were able to seize the dock house at Lazy Daze……which was carelessly left unguarded in my absence…. They ruthlessly forced me to participate in something that sounds like……….“beers bee”…..its a beer swaggering form of torture much like beer ponging………that entails trying to knock off the opposing team’s beer can from the top of a pvc pole by means of a Canadian saucer drone which they call a “frisbee ey”……..Once I proved my merit we sailed upon the yellow panga down the Tropicville Road and boisterously entered the Water Cay 2013 Beersbeee Championship and of course…….Mister Blue Sky’s team hoof-kicked ass away the competition….resulting in a Utila Town celebration at the harbor front bar-Tranquila Bay for its 9th anniversary parteeey……all those years of throwing frisbees to Golden Retrievers came back to life……..muscle memory I guess…..of course Mister Blue Sky’s pre-toss dance ritual had the opponents completely befuddled-whimpering and crying out “no moray” …..they were thus unable to protect their ….GOOOOOAL…

Back to Guanaja….wow….the most beautiful tropical island I have ever seen…..tropical cay islands….beaches…..mountains….waterfalls…quaint fishing villages…..Turtles…Permit…Tarpon…and the biggest Moray Eel to ever slither down the tropical highway…….at least 8 ft long with a head the size of a baby cosmic whale shark….and teeth the size of a huge blonde goat…….it was hanging out under the dock at Bo’s on Michael’s Beach……..also while fishing we lost a monster wahoo…..that if caught may have given Mister Blue Sky 3 Hoo’s of over 100 lb’s in his life time……….(I still intend on heading to Guanaja when I finally leave Utila….whenever the Canadian beersbee team finishes their winter training on Utila)…………

By the way………Mister Blue Sky finally has taken hundreds of tourist pictures….not pics of tourists….just pics that a tourist would take…….plus videos…..some of which will soon be posted……..others burned to protect the non-innocent…..

I would have blogged earlier but the coconut telegraph ran low on coconut juice……so I am back at my earlier blogging booth with the 3 whale sharks smiling at me from across the street…….

Ok I need to wrap up this blog……hope you will enjoy the upcoming photos….I swear on a pirate’s rum bottle there will be a plethora of touristo pics soon coming……

May the cosmic whale shark (that no one has seen around here since before Captain Morgan became liquidic) always smile upon you and may Orion’s Belt guide you down the Tropicville Road……which reminds me….I have finally seen the SOUTHERN CROSS while anchored out on the Miss Trinity….under the billions and billions and billions of Carl Sagan stars………

Till Next Tide,

Mister Blue Sky      (still waiting to get in his hammock and wax philosophic)

ps Carrie you are the one and only and the best!!!!!

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Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway--Mister Blue Sky

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