You Are Formally Invited to Follow The Tropicville Road with the Hammock Philosopher, Mister Blue Sky:

The waters of the tropics are intoxicating. It is an addictive liquid getting people ‘high-on tropics’.  It flows just over northern latitude of the Tropic of Cancer and just under the southern latitude of the Tropic of Capricorn. Jimmy Buffet’s most famous lyric”…..changes in latitude changes in attitude….” probably says it best. Right now Mister Blue Sky is rolling his hammock down the Tropical Highway of Central America. This is a Blog of the personal events experienced but more importantly the insights that are inspired while waxing philosophic in a hammock, thus The Hammock Philosopher. Life is faster in the Tropics…its an astronomical fact of our planet….its about 20 minutes a year faster. You are invited to the life in the fast lane of coconut palm trees, crystal clear waters of every shade of blue, coral reefs and their exotic wildlife, islands and beaches and the amazing people who live or are traveling along the Tropicville Road. Your opinions and comments are welcome and so are your friends. So please feel welcome to subscribe, pay it forward, pass it along and tap into the high speed coconut telegraph.