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Carrie And Val Chillaxing On Cat Island Bahamas

Carrie And Val Chillaxing On Cat Island Bahamas

Mister Blue Sky has received a plethora of requests to post pics from his days gone by on the Tropical Highway of the Bahamas. Most of the Hammock Philosopher’s aquatic tropical wisdom is based on the “cinco” decades of spending serious time on or under the Tropicville Road of the Bahamas. When Mister Blue Sky sees for himself prettier water than that throughout the Bahamas he will let you know. To date there has been nothing close here in Central America. The Spanish named the Bahamas, originally “Bahamar” for shallow sea. Looking out upon the shallow waters of the Bahamas is intoxicating …. too much will cause “tropical liquadic addiction” … I was addicted at the age of seven and still have not shaken it especially after discovering Cat Island and Hawks Nest Resort & Marina 9 years ago. Technically Cat Island is about 40 miles north of the Tropic of Cancer but do not tell that to the surrounding ocean … So Mister Blue Sky will from time to time post images of days past from the Bahamas. The above picture was created by Mister Blue Sky and the images were taken by him as well all at Cat Island. How about the image of the Cat e’ Shack on the cooler! You can click on the picture to enlarge it or click on the top Blog Logo to go to the blog itself.

Happy Tropical Trails and Thanks For The Tropical Memories!

Till Next Tide,

Mister Blue Sky,
waxing philosophic in a hammock along the Tropical Highway in Central America