Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway–Mister Blue Sky

Tropical Spring Break Flockers

Mister Blue Sky’s Tropical Spring Break Posers

Hola el Blog Flockeros, I hope you are still out there …I am still alive (barely) and finning in Bocas Town of Bocas del Toro, Panama

I survived zip lining two days ago .. I think I did … the worst part was that you had to type rope across suspended sections of cable, plus 4 inch wide logs connected to cable and then try to walk across a long set of horizontal wood boards connected to cable topped off by a tarzan like swing …… all suspended over extremely deep ravines …… in order to reach different zip line platforms … which there are many zip line runs …. this happened at the BASTIMENTOS SKY ZIPLINE CANOPY TOUR. which is located at the Red Frog Resort on Bastimentos Island. This island is a 12 minute boat run from Bocas Town and the majority of it is a National Rainforest Park. The not so sane people that were in my group all said this is the best zip lining in Central America …… so why would Mister Blue Sky give up the comfort of a hammock to partake in an adrenalin rushing-heart pumping-terrifying-death defying voluntary adventure of LunaticLining through a tropical rainforest …. all while dodging red frogs, ducking from swinging mono’s (monkeys) plus collision evading tactics with sloths (non moving of course)?

The answer is that its a damn small planet ….. my niece Laurel and friends’ Central American College Spring Break Tour somehow intersected with Mister Blue Sky on the Tropical Highway here in Bocas del Toro …. so we spent part of the last three days/nights not chill-axing but thrill-axing. They stayed at one of the biggest party hostels in all of Central America, Mondo Taitu (see website link under blog roll). Besides having amazing dinners and drinks at Rip Tide’s and at El Ultimo Refugio’s-great Mojito’s and the LunaticLining we also “chartered” … lol …. one of the billion 25ft panga taxi-tour boats (that are here) for an afternoon of cruising and snorkeling topped off by a visit to the world famous Aqua Lounge Bar and Hostel which is a dockside party zone located on Carenero island … which is about 10 coconut throws from Bocas Town. (see the website link under blog roll)

Modo Taitu Hostel and Bar

Mondo Taitu Hostel and Bar

Modo Taitu Hostel and Bar

Laurel at Mondo Taitu Hostel and Bar

I want to give a big shout out to these Troppo Spring Breakers from the Tampa Bay Florida area … great times … thank you Laurel, Megan, Ryleigh, Lindsey, Laura, Tracy and their personal male model of the troup, Tone. Thanks for the work out schedule Tone! Happy Trails!

Aqua Lounge Bar and Hostel

Tone and his harem at Aqua Lounge Bar and Hostel

Aqua Lounge
Mondo Taitu Hostel and Bar

Ryleigh heading to the Tree-PentHouse at Mondo Taitu Hostel and Bar

Mondo Taitu Hostel and Bar

Mondo Taitu Hostel and Bar

Aqua Lounge

Aqua Lounge

Aqua Lounge--NOT Mister Blue Sky

Aqua Lounge–that is NOT Mister Blue Sky in the hammock

So this was Mister Blue Sky’s activity for the past few days but “what about…” all the other days ….? What about Bob? What about Bob? …. Well there has been a snorkel cruise, surf break explorations, beach excursions, a dolphin harassment tour as well as a lot of walking around Bocas Town at literally every hour of the day …a great deal of time being mist-on’d, rained on and dodging wet weather … researching the Bocas del Toro area on the internet … hanging out at either La Buga (a combo scuba dive/surf shop plus restaurant/bar) or at Rip Tides (floating restaurant and bar). A short part of this I spent with Ashley, why …? because its a damn small planet! … Ashley was one of my original dive buddies back on Utila 8 weeks ago (previously pictured in an earlier blog) and once again her back-packing path has intersected with Mister Blue Sky on the Tropical Highway … congrats to Ashley for she has a gig with the Smithsonian Research Center here in Bocas del Toro …

I saw a beach that is orange by the way …. Bluff Beach .. renamed “La Playa de Gator” by your’s truly. That orange looks great by the blue waves …. Gator Nation is everywhere! I saw a frog or frogs … one was red the other orange …there are a lot of tropical frogs around here .. lots of species … colors etc. Thus a beach on the island of Bastimento is called “Red Frog Beach” … sounds real attractive and romantic right? There is a beach on Colon (which is actually the name of the island that Bocas Town is on) called Starfish Beach …. yes you guessed it … there are lots of huge starfish … in fact this whole Bocas del Toro area has a Carl Sagan billion large starfish …. which leads me into my next agenda … mañana I head to Shepherd’s or Pastores Island for a few days at the Starfish Reef Resort,its an eco lodge … its about a 25 minute boat run … looking forward to meeting Jack and Kelly the owner/operators of this awesome place (see website under blog roll)

I have taken more pictures than there are pangas here … that is a lot trust me … I will try and post these soon … Mister Blue Sky has a lot of Blog Flockers asking for pics because really for all of us this Bocas del Toro area has been off the Tropical radar … I will hopefully post these soon .. the problem is internet speed ….

One final Tropical Highway note … the vessels that go by Mister Blue Sky’s 3rd floor hotel window (and even anchor out) at Hotel Olas is freaking awesome … from dugout canoes to huge (beyond mega) yachts to the baddest of bad sail boats, a US Coast Guard Cutter, real truck carrying ferries and a Carl Sagan billion pangas plus lots of dingies and one ‘fold-a-boat”.. the boat show is off the planet troppo when you realize where this is … I will post these pics … you have to check them out!

Alright, I have to pack, eat etc. for the speed boat-person ferry to Starfish Reef tomorrow so I will bring this to an alto … thank you for tuning in to The Hammock Philosopher Blog, by Mister Blue Sky

Till Next Tide Blog Flockers!

Carrie you are the Best!

Mister Blue Sky

Bluff Beach

Bluff Beach

No Description Necessary

No Description Necessary

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Most Recent Neighbor

2 Responses to “Zip Lining-Surf Breaks-Dolphins-Orange Beaches-Snorkel Coral”

  1. Tone

    It was a great experience, thank you for sharing! Be safe and enjoy your time in paradise.


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