Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway–Mister Blue Sky

Show Time: “Mister Blue Sky and The Giant Langoustes”

Per the last blog posting, this is a 10:30 plus video showing combined highlights of the dives on the two seamounts located about 20 miles from Utila. Video taken by yours truly on a GoPro Hero3…deepest depth at about 100ft……You may download this video. Its best to let the video load prior to watching. Hopefully everyone on the dive is captured at some point in the video……..a shout out to Rob Smith for leading us down and under the tropical highway and muchas gracias to Alton’s Dive Center for daring to adventure beyond the waters of Utila……only………Alton’s boldly goes where no dive center has gone before     …….. exploring new aquatic worlds……in the far far galax-seas of the Cosmosphere de Tropical…..……. Who can name the “instant replay” fish in the video?………… Free Alton’s Dive Center Shirt to the first person that posts in the “comments” section the correct number of fish seen in the video…………enjoy the show….Mister Blue Sky

5 Responses to “SeaMount Dive With Alton’s Dive Center-Who Can Name The Instant Replay Fish?”

    • Mister Blue Sky

      Hola Michael….good guess….same ‘royal’ fish family….but the wife of this fish would be known as the queen making it a ___________

  1. Lynnbo

    Raker Mon I’m gonna say it was a Tarpon or was a Mackeral? What awesome footage or was it headage from your Go Pro! Keep the cameras rollin as those of us who are land locked can imagine what it would be like to be a dock decker…hey show us that foot long goatieeee! Keep your snorkel above the water and your Rum on ice..

    • Mister Blue Sky

      Que pasa InLynnbo…..thanks for tuning in to the Tropicville Road Show….there is a July Jacksonville fishing tourney dedicated to the instant replay fish….this fish would have been in the money.

      • Lynnbo

        So the gues of Mackeral was a little to vauge…Scomberomorus cavalla will hopefully satify the Hammock Judges!

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Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway--Mister Blue Sky

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Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway--Mister Blue Sky

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