Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway–Mister Blue Sky

Utila Harbor Office of the Hammock Philosopher

Utila Harbor Office of the Hammock Philosopher

Hola from the Tropicville Road, Isla de Utila, Honduras

Its SuperBowl Sunday on d’ilaan mon…..killer beach party last night around the bend from me that basically ended an hour before sunrise……but yours truly kept a low profile meaning I did not partake……there are several parties this afternoon set up on the various harbor front bars for the game….Skid Row has the best flat screens and will be packed with a lot of ex-pats, tourists an locals and a fair number of dockdekkers.

I have only gone out diving once since my last posting but it was an off the planet phenom trip. Altons Dive Center out did itself by making a special trip to dive 2 sea-mounts located about 20 miles away. A sea-mount is just like it says…..an underwater mountain coming out of real deep water to within 50ft of the surface….so you dive the top area and down along the sides to just over 100ft deep. There were 28 divers on 2 different boats divided into 5 groups. We left at 6:00 AM and were back by 1:30…….able to watch the sun rise over the ocean on the trip out which was an added bonus. I will post an underwater video of the highlights of the dives…..hopefully it will be up on Monday.

I have spent a couple of days hassling with technology…..fixing cameras, learning new video editing software and wasting a lot of time in the process. One camera did not enjoy being 40ft deep while its side door compartment was flooded with salt water……..touchy little machine….its sitting in a box of rice on life support….I have faith……So I now have an above water camera that is working so Pics will be more forthcoming….stay tuned…….

At the west end of Utila are a group of “cayos” cays-keys surrounded by shallower waters and reefs. There is a small village-town that spreads across 2 of them and out onto the water on pilings….so you never really touch the ground just wood…….there are 2 other cays that you can rent for $125 a day with house…..thats it….your own private island in tropical paradise…no other houses or people for only $125 per day! Then there is WaterCay…….nothing on it but palm trees and a few australian pines…..all the bush cleared off so no shoes are necessary……snorkeling reef along one side …….sand beach and great swimming on the other side…….its about 5 miles from Utila Town so there are boats that run people out there everyday for about $15 per head…..I went to WaterCay on Friday…..we had a bottle of Ron Flor de Cana rum…..which is the rum of choice here good and is very cheap…its Nicaraguan also had a case of SalvaVida-La Cerveza de Honduras…that’s beer for anyone not liquid-literate…..plus I had my mini amp to pump the tunes, hammocks and snorkel gear…..lots of tropical partiers from all over the world floated out to Water Cay that day…. their Central American backpacker trail collided with Mister Blue Sky at this island intersection on the Tropicville Road……the 30 ft mahogany tree dorys dropped off and picked up their baked cargo just like limos at the clubs……..Mister Blue Sky cruised with Mack on his 25ft Panga of yellowbird color…..This is a further shout out to any techno-electronica diving troppo’s out there….in August the annual technofest is right on WaterCay…thousand plus festival goers…..camped out on the island for 3 days of snorkelelectronica mayhemp…..

Last Thursday evening was my 1st experience with the Alton’s Dive Center Harbor BOOZE CRUISE……….a floating disco-club cruise……lazers-fog machine-big speaker pumping music…..the boat does a half hour rotation around the harbor and back to Alton’s….people can jump on/off every half hour so that means as the evening goes more people are on then off……SalvaVida and Ron Flor de Cana chuggers plus extensive butane lighter flickers………..the captain likes to stop out front of the bars along the waterfront for a few minutes to lure the patrons down to Alton’s dock…..you have to admire multi tasking….from dive boat to lazer booze boat…..Utila and Alton’s are one of a kind…Utila lives up to its new motto “L.P.D. Utila”….live-party-dive-Utila

I also experienced Alton’s diveworld famous “Snorkel Test” for its graduating DMT’s…..dive master certification training…lets just say the SalvaVida and Ron Flor de Cana are injected in through the top of the snorkel at various rates and times during the ceremony…….P.T.Y.P—-party till you puke….dude…..stay tuned for a video clip—names withheld……only on Utila and only at Alton’s Dive Center……hey guess what…..Mister Blue Sky has been accepted into the University of Alton’s Dive Center’s Dive Master Training program…..true…I will be the poster boy for……its never too late in life to become the oldest DMT student……….I am already designing a dual snorkel unit with an escape tube in the event I one day pass the course…… on “Van Wilder” time?…… no telling how many moons this will take……hopefully 1 1/2 moon waxings…….

Alright….its SuperBowl P.T…….party time……the hammock is rolling down the harbor for some PRIME TIME BALL TIME…..hope everyone enjoys…..thanks for tuning in and stay alert for the diving videos and more…..

Till Next Tide,

Mister Blue Sky

ps Carrie you are the best!!!!

4 Responses to “SuperBowl Sunday on Utila-The Hammock Philosopher’s Office-Alton’s Booze Cruise-The Snorkeling in Beer & Rum Test”

  1. Michael


    Party Till Ya Puke Out Your Nose!

    Looking forward to the video of the dives at Roatan Banks.

    Best of luck with the DMT and the Snorkel Test!


  2. girlbeyondborders

    Not sure if my last comment went through. Awesome to hear you’re going for your DM! I think you need to start practicing for you’re own snorkel test 😉

    • Mister Blue Sky

      Hi Ashley! Thanks for the comment…you sure are burnin’ up the Central American trailways….I have now decided to pass on the DMT program for the time being…getting ready to go back to Guanaja or on to Bocas del Toro….I caught Tranquila Bay’s 9th anniversary bash…you and Tara are missed around here


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Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway--Mister Blue Sky

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Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway--Mister Blue Sky

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