Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway–Mister Blue Sky

This inspired my new (Italian) reggae song called "It's a Moraaaay"

This inspired my new (Italian) reggae song called “It’s a Moraaaay”


Happy Trails to My Most Excellent Dive Buddies Tara and Ashley…Thanks for The Memories

Utila Harbor Map

Hasta La Vista Mi Flashpacker Amigos-Happy Trails

Hasta La Vista Mi Flashpacker Amigos-Happy Trails

Hand Lining for Hoo's in a 32 ft Mahogany Tree

Hand Lining for Hoo’s in a 32 ft Mahogany Tree


Mister Blue Sky just came up for air after another 3 days of diving and discovered…OMG… its Thursday!……..Another diving milestone reached, I am now a certified Advance Open Water Diver thanks to Alton’s Dive Center…..will soon get certified for Nitrox and then going for a heavy weight certification-Advanced Rescue Diver which will really test my skills, endurance and cut in to my hammock time on Alton’s dock…….

“its hard to wax philosophic if there’s no time for the hammock”

Since my last (and 1st blog) of last Sunday, I have dove 5 times to achieve this status…. a night dive (that went way troppo adrift after the 2 Japanese students went awol into the dark of night…not sure I should tell this whole story…, a drift dive, a wreck dive, a bouyancy and underwater navigation skills dive and a phenom of a wall dive. I will hopefully post soon a pic of me standing at the wheelhouse rail of a ship sitting in 100ft of water (while not doing upside down margaritas)…..

A guy diving out of Alton’s had a tattoo that said “Eat Japs not Sharks”…….there are very few sharks here….in fact I have yet to see one…incredible! Japan is raping the fishery world.

Alright here is how my apartment at Lazy Daze is stocked……loaf of bread, box of cereal, a jar of extra crunchy peanut butter plus strawberry jelly, 3 cartons of orange juice, 4 bottles of rum and 2 6-packs of beer (left by my 2 Amsterdam buddies who were supposed to leave yesterday but…no they discovered they had an extra day….somehow you really lose track of time here) plus coffee and 5 gallons of drinking water. Here’s why I am so well stocked on food….IT IS REALLY CHEAP TO EAT OUT……the Honduran Lempura ($) is roughly a 20-1 US dollar (so I’m told)…..I treated my 2 dive course buddies, Tara and Ashley and our instructor Phil to dinner at RJ’s for dinner last night in celebration …1 marlin and 3 snapper overloaded plates of food plus drinks for $35 USA!!!!!!!!…I’m at Mermaids again writing this blog and my overstuffed plate for lunch was about $4 or $80 Lempura……

Captain Joe is Alton’s numero uno el capitan for their dive boats…….he gets me in trouble with Master Instructor Phil because Joe and I yak about fishing virtually every minute when I’m on the dive boat Miss Trinity….but I tactfully remind señor Phil that as Phil preaches “that when on d’ boat Joe is d’mon” so if Joe is talking to me then I have to listen…enough said….


This boat was carved, hacked, molded aka constructed out of a single huge…HUGE…Mahogany tree. They are called “Dory’s” and they cut through the seas like a catamaran even though they look like a gargantuan canoe…..Joe and his dad actually have a small fleet of fishing boats, including 2 very nice center consoles. The dory though is really all you need…..we caught 2 small tunas and trolled one live for awhile but no real action except of course right at the end, near dark, when a monster fish scared the living poo out of my live tuna forcing it to seek air time on the surface…….. (THAT I WAS HAND LINING PER SLOW TROLL) which created a huge ‘old man and the sea’ surface boil that made me think…WE NEED A BIGGER TREE……..I had a great time on the water with Joe…thanks a lot el capitan…especially the thrill ride on the back of your motor cycle weaving in-out-around-over-and on zero-one-and no wheels (just kidding un poco)….along the Utila harbor front to your boat dock…..

Let me say this about diving here on Utila….captain Joe took us yesterday morning to the north side for 2 different dive excursions…….best I have ever seen……visibilty could have been better but that is a result of it raining 6.8 days of my 8.4 days here…the coral hills, ledges, walls et al are phenomenal and there is the most excellent wild life of all sizes shapes creeds religions races plus pseudo delectia for the viewing pleasure…..by the way the main grocery store sells…..tadaaaaaaa….”Nassau Royale”!….RumRakers for everyone!!!

“Be Happy-Don’t Get Bent” is the name of the new Socal/reggae song I’m working on…..and I am still trying to come up with lyrics and chords for the album title song “Descending Into Narcosis on a Sinking Hammock” ……. guess what….the highest land point on Utila is “Pumpkin Hill” but I can’t find anyone here that knows why its called such….so the story I am spreading is….. that is where the young Utila men used to take their ‘pumpkin’ girlies on a cosmic blanket ride under Orion’s Belt…….(plus it gave the elevated advantage to see if her daddy was coming)……

Let me give a shout out to Kevin and Michael, my party drinking flashpackers from Amsterdam, nice try in keeping up with me….lol.. thanks for looking out for Mister Blue Sky as we rolled the hammock across Utila Town’s tropical highway…keep in touch guys! One day you will reach the “poshpackersorous level” that I have achieved…..

Also…..muchas gracious to my British and Canadian diving buddies Tara and Ashley who have been with me throughout the various dive training….thank you for being my buddy and also for including me in the Utila night life scene…..its been fun, educational, entertaining and I also appreciate you two looking after me on the late (and early) night Utilian alcoholic trail…hopefully you have met at least one American that you like…..

Hey Phil…my instructor…your last name is Smith…guess somewhere in the genealogical cosmos we are related…….scary huh….thanks again for always letting me come back to the surface, especially head first…….just remember a successful trip means you reached the dock, everything else was just dessert!

Hey Alton’s Diver Center…thanks for the great courses, diving, instructors, boats, dock, hammocks and hogfry and everything else that is great about Alton’s …THE BEST DIVE CENTER IN CENTRAL AMERICA!!!…but not so much thanks for the rain………guess you are still stuck with me for awhile…..by the way where can I get my laundry done?

To Carrie….you are and will always be the Best!!!!!

Oh in case you were wondering whether I have taken another tuktuk the answer is taadaaaaaaah…”no”…..”walk don’t tuk” is what I was taught unless of course you ate too many ‘happy cookies’ in that event you should roll your hammock down the tropicville road.

May the Cosmic Whale Shark Smile Upon You…..Till the next Utilian High Times…I mean High Tide….

Mister Blue Sky

ps. the “out of air” hand signal on land here on Utila definitely means out of “_ _ _ _” not sure I should give out that answer….yet….STAY TUNED….

2 Responses to “The Diving Drinking Utila Buddy System and Hand Lining for Hoo’s on a 32ft Mahogany Tree”

  1. Dylan

    Looks like some real fun wish I was there with you big guy!! Please be safe and keep updates coming!!
    (The Beave)

    • Mister Blue Sky

      Hi Dylan! Great to hear from you ‘bra’…I saw a surf break here from the dive boat the other day…have not had a chance to truly explore. I am in my 3rd dive course…Advanced Diver Rescue…nailed the written exam today. Have one more day tomorrow with some serious in deep water rescue situations above-under-on the bottom situation and then I will have 3 certifications in less than 2 weeks. Looking forward to a couple days break. Saw the sun today for the 1st time so its time to play the Mister Blue Sky song.


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Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway--Mister Blue Sky

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Waxing Away on the Tropical Highway--Mister Blue Sky

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